Welcome to the Snow King Frozen Foods

Snow King Frozen Foods is one of the leading meat exporter in Pakistan. The company is focused on providing the best quality beef, mutton and cattle meat, both frozen and chilled, to our valueable customers around the globe. After selection of meat following the international food safety requirements of HACCAP, Halal meat requirements are entertained whether it is the whole carcass or deboned meat, we master in all because we select the best and deliver tender and fresh meat to the consumer.

We operate ISO 22000 and HALAL certified abattoir and complies with international quality control requirements and food safety standards. Snow King Frozen Foods meat company stands differently because the manner it organizes its supply line. Our suppliers and their farms are well maintained and properly managed. Our management system is very peculiar about the farms where the animals are reared and immense notice is taken to maintain the standards of our meat products.